Architects: archiplus architects & associates
Architects team: Marios Angelopoulos, Kallirroe Karaba, Anny Galanou, Anda Stavropoulou, Konstantina Nasioula
Structural design: KION
E/M Consultants: LDK
Landscape design: doxiadis+
Interior design: archiplus architects & associates
Lighting design: FOSS
Construction: Domotechniki
Photography by: Villa Owner and archiplus architects & associates

The project | An one bedroom Aman villa named after James Turrell

From “Architectural Digest”:

“…For the first time, art and sculpture lovers now have the chance to experience a James Turrell Skyspace in the privacy of their own hotel room. The spectacular Amanzoe in the Peloponnese peninsula of Greece has unveiled the first and only permanent James Turrell installation in the Mediterranean. Sky Plain is an immersive light installation, taking the form of a 6-by-6-m cubic building with a large ceiling aperture, giving a unique perspective and unobstructed views of the Aegean sky. Built in Villa 31 at the western tip of the luxury resort, the immersive light installation forms part of a complex that includes a master bedroom, a 25m private pool, a kitchen, shaded terraces and living room, and a serene reflection pool.
Turrell, who has been working with light and perception for over 50 years with projects all over the globe, says: “Without light, there is no life. Amanzoe means ‘peaceful life,’ and I hope those who experience this work will feel a peaceful sense of the power of the light. We are creatures of the light, especially sunlight. I use light to explore perception, but I did not create the light. This work is about sharing the light.”…”

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a unique one bedroom Aman Villa, featuring a “Skyplane” installation by James Turrell

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