Giant Cinema Posters, at the Kino Museum, Frankfurt a.M.

Temporary Exhibition "HELAFI"

Exhibition Curator:
Natasha Gika
Exhibition Museography:
archiplus architects & associates
Konstantinos Stamatis

Giant Film Promotion Paintingsin Deutsches Filmmuseum in Frankfurt (September 30- November 4, 2001)

Exhibition,scenographic and graphic design, and design of the narrative space for the Giant Film Promotion Paintings Exhibition «Malerei und Druckgraphik griechischer Künstlerfür das Kino 1950-1975».

The«Hellafi» Collection consists of 193 original handmade giant paintings thatwere created on huge surfaces in a very short time. The collection”Hellafi” was deemed of enormous artistic, historic and collectiblesvalue: on a paper, often exceeding 9 meters height and 3 meters width, not onlywas captured the title of the film, but the entire history of visualcommunication and aesthetics prevailing in the older film history.

Amongthese collectible works included in the exhibition, visitors had theopportunity to enjoy creations by artists such as George Vakirtzis, StefanosAlmaliotis, Nikos Andreakos, Vaggelis Fenos, Costas Grigoriades, Costas andGeorge Kouzounis, Nikos Nikolaides, Manolis Panagiotopoulos, CharalambosSerases, Gerasimos Touliatos, Andreas Vazopoulos.


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