An indoor Multimedia Theme Park with Museum Story telling

The history of Islam

Design of an Indoor amusement Theme Park and Science Centre in the UAE


Storytelling: Donald Scarrow
Design: Donald Scarrow, Marios Angelopoulos
AV Consultalt: Stefanos Konstantinides
Lighting: Donald Scarrow

Short Description

The Discovery Arabia Experience offers a fresh beginning in the way cultural heritage attractions are perceived and experienced. 

It is unique approach that has never been seen, within or beyond the Arab world.

The Discovery Arabia experience combines the integrity and educational resonance of a Museum with the technologies and human engagement of a Science Centre and the emotional and environmental impact of a story-driven Themed-Attraction experience. 

The Discovery Arabia Experience brings the Golden Age of Arab and Islamic history to life in ways that no attraction platform has ever attempted nor accomplished. 

Our approach is to create an opulent, yet historically-accurate visitor experience that will enable a wide demographic base with diverse interests to discover and learn about the cultural achievements and heritage of the Arab world and Islamic civilization in a manner that is engaging, immersive and, entertaining.

At the heart of the experience, Discovery Arabia will embody the enduring cultural values, significant social impact and rich historical context that Islamic civilization has brought to the world in ways that will engage a multi-generational audience with a rich visual, experiential and tactile environment.

The Discovery Arabia Experience will become a destination of choice for the enjoyment of the local GCC populous as well as large percentage of regional and international visitors. 

The key mandate will be to afford every visitor a truly engaging and powerful interactive journey of discovery; one that will inform, enlighten, entertain and serve as an inspiration for the future discoverers of tomorrow.

The Discovery Arabia Experience is a convergence of story, art, image, theming, information and sensory elements that will transport visitors back through history where they will discover and relive Arab and Islamic historical events and achievements that reshaped cultural, social and scientific history.


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